The Friday Show Goes on Hiatus


Kim and I are taking a break from the Friday night happy hour show at Mango Rita’s. We love Jason and JJ and we appreciate how much they’ve supported the show for the past several years. We’re going to try to spend more family time together being that we’ve been going pretty hard with the show (and full-time jobs) for 7 months. When I said to Kim, ‘maybe we can do a date night Friday’ she fell off her chair laughing.


  1. Jacinta and I appreciate both of you. We met you when we moved here and started at the beach next to Pete’s time out. We think you of as one of our closest friends. We love having you at our restaurant at our new location. A well deserved break so both of you can breathe. We will continue always to support the show but more we support you two personally. Two great people and two great friends

  2. The two of you not only deserve not only a date night, but a date weekend! Love the two of you and your continued commitment to all of us! We love all that you do! Thank you!

  3. Date night it should be and well deserved. Thank you for all your time and incredible commitment to our island


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