The Long Awaited List Has Arrived


For months the Town of Fort Myers Beach has been promising a list of the order of streets that will be repaired. When it rains, even when it’s high tide, many streets on the beach experience severe flooding due to the town’s old stormwater system. Here are the streets the town is tackling first…


  1. I’m on Driftwood Lane there’s a serious street flooding EVERY high tide, the drainage system that was installed goes directly to the canal not a sewer. A part was removed for service prior to hurricane Ian and since then nothing has been done to repair or replace this system. This has been going on for 2 years prior to the hurricane.

    • Driving through what is know as Andre Mar Lake at the turn onto our street is dangerous especially with the car size hole in our road after Ian

  2. Ummm… why is Crescent Street and Fifth NOT on this list? This is an evacuation route for everyone on the north end. Residents and visitors are trapped regularly by extreme flooding that impedes access to the bridge to exit the island.

  3. Ed, Thank you for posting the list. I have sent multiple emails asking for information about the timeline and if we have to do anything to the supposedly super-duper responsive Frankie Kropacek and never received any response. I hope I am the only one, but the previous Town officials were much more responsive to my inquiries and questions than the current group.


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