The Mask Mandate Remains in Place


Councilman Dan Allers wanted the council to discuss ending the mask mandate during council member items at Monday’s meeting. His comment was completely ignored by Mayor Ray Murphy who went on to discuss his own items then adjourned the meeting.

Fort Myers Beach has had a mask mandate for about a year now. Businesses can be fined if their employees are not wearing masks. While code enforcement has threatened businesses with fines for violating the ordinance, no tickets have been issued.

Lee County has never had a mask mandate. Collier County let their mask mandate expire because Governor DeSantis has said he will not allow local governments to fine residents for not wearing a mask or social distancing.


  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me where people are getting the numbers that cases are going up? I got an A+ in statistics in college and the real numbers in 33931 appear to me to be going DOWN.
    Jan 122
    Feb 78
    March 43
    April 24

  2. Can’t believe that Dan was completely ignored by the Council. I hope he really let them have it after the meeting was no longer being aired.

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