The New Sand is Here. The New Sand is Here


The Fort Myers Beach sand truck haul project began this week. 112,000 tons of beach compatible sand from a mine in Immokalee will replace sand eroded away by Hurricane Ian. The entire project is expected to take 3 months.

50 to 200 trucks are expected to deliver sand on the weekdays.

The project area on the beach extends from Margaritaville south to Big Carlos Pass. Beach construction activities will initially focus on South Estero Island onto Carlos Pointe Beach, filling in scours and raising the elevation of the beach to pre‐Ian conditions.  The project will continue North installing and repairing the sand berm and filling in scours.

The new sand is being paid for by a Florida Department of Emergency Management grant.


  1. Does this sand project replace the sand dredging project that was put on hold due to pricing and scheduling ? Will this place a hundred or more feet of sand at gulfs edge a couple feet deep ?


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