Our Big Pickleball Match is Tomorrow


Today is your last chance to donate to our benefit Pickelball event. Tomorrow at 8AM, it’s the Yellow Army VS. the Big Bad Government as Kim and Ed Ryan take on Mayor Dan Allers and Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt in the Pickleball match of the century.

Here’s how you can support 3 great community organizations for this upcoming grudge match.

The 30 minute match will be played at Bay Oaks and mc’d by Nan Williams. We will also carry the match live on our Facebook page and have two players mic’d up during play. The match is the lead-in to a fundraiser Pickleball tournament to benefit the Fort Myers Beach Community Foundation. Register for that tournament HERE. It’s only $40.00 per person.

In the ig grudge match on the 16th, whoever has the most points after 30 minutes will be declared the winner.

Kim and Ed will be raising money for the Fort Myers Beach Art Association. You can donate to the winning team one of three ways:
Venmo: Edward-Ryan-14
Zell: 2392473833.
Make sure you reference Pickleball. Donations are being accepted now.

The Fort Myers Beach Art Association will soon be starting a major capital campaign to build their new building on the beach. The former Art Association building at 3030 Shell Mound was totally destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

The Mayor and Vice Mayor will be playing for the Fort Myers Beach Woman’s Club. You can donate to the expected losing team HERE.



  1. While you’re there, why not raise $$ to get the pool back up. Of course, you have no idea what we did at the pool all year round, because you didn’t experience Bay Oaks as it was until there were pickle ball courts. Well, water aerobics is much safer than pickleball for seniors. Do more for the locals instead of just businesses and tourists. Snowbirds and even tourists that knew about Bay Oaks utilized the pool and recreation there, too. Also, the school. Where do our kids go to cool off in the summer? In AC activities? Not very healthy for the next generation. Please help us locals get our pool back!

    • Silver Sneakers type programs would be a great alternative to the low impact water aerobics until the town is able to make repairs to the pool. All of us are surviving with less options than before the hurricane. I applaud the effort of these individuals to raise money for their specific charities. I’m just not seeing the negative take on this event.


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