The Post Office Has No Phone


And we know that because a Fort Myers Beach resident needed desperately to reach the facility because the condo she typically lives in was uninhabitable and she needed to talk to a human about forwarding her mail.

The local resident received an automated answer and then a transfer to the “Operator,” then it went directly to a fast busy signal.

The Post Office has been operating in trailers for several months after Hurricane Ian destroyed the facility on Carolina Avenue. Regular mail services to residents with functioning mailboxes began again several weeks ago. The old Post Office building is being repaired with hopes the building can open back up some time this year.

So how do you reach someone at the Post Office if you can’t make it down to the facility to speak to someone in person. Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt says Fort Myers Beach Post Office personnel confirmed they don’t have a phone at the temporary trailer facilities.

Atterholt says if you have a question or complaint you have to send it by email to the FMB Postmaster Mark Pie at


  1. An after hours mail box/drop would be helpful as well for residents who are unable to get to the temporary trailer during their daytime hours. During those hours you hand the mail to them or put it under a rock on the table!

    • Sue, you are so right! We need a mailbox outside the post office. I left my flag on my mailbox up for two days and the outgoing mail was never taken. I took it down to the post office and place it under the rock only to be informed that the bill was never paid. Not a great system, I know they are doing the best they can, but a secure mailbox to drop mail in at the post office would be a great improvement.

  2. This is just ridiculous! This is 2023!! Can anyone operate a cell phone there? I’ll donate one! You can’t make this stuff up🤣

    • Only thing worse then Big corporations is Big Government-
      The nerve of us peasants to think they should have a phone in 2023 –
      What a Joke –

  3. How hard would it be to get a dedicated cell phone there? Seems like a simple enough solution until they can establish a permanent line.


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