The Rebrand of The Beach Continues


Along with so many projects taking place all over Fort Myers Beach, the town will also be erecting new signs at the foot of both bridges.

The signs that include the town’s new logo will be installed just before you cross the Matanzas Pass Bridge and just as you come over The Big Carlos Pass Bridge.

The new signs will be out in early 2022.


  1. Love the welcoming sign. I hope it replaces the large signs that tell you where not to park which are not so welcoming.

  2. Really like the new signs. If we used “Estero Island” it would help with the confusion with Fort Myers. How many times have had to correct people saying no, we live in Fort Myers BEACH?

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! Well done! Beautiful signage replacing the nasty looking sign at the base before going over the Matanzas Pass Bridge… before the WOW at the top of the bridge looking over to Estero Island.

  4. Nice signs. Look great. Why are we not promoting the fact this is an island? It should rebrand as Estero island. Drop the fort myers beach or add island to it. Much more attractive and exclusive to say you live on an island in Florida. Just saying!!!

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