Thomas Not Running For Town Council


Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Committee chairperson Dawn Thomas announced on Beach Talk Radio this past Saturday that she has decided not to run for town council. She did not rule out running for council in the future but decided against running this November.

Thomas and her husband Bryan’s son Jake Ferguson just graduated from The University of Wisonsin and is expected to be drafted into the NFL this year. With a lot of focus being directed toward her family, and other responsibilities such as the Public Safety Committee and with the Woman’s Club she has decided to sit out the race in this November. (Watch out interview with Thomas on Episode #211 HERE.)

The seats now occupied by Mayor Ray Murphy and Vice Mayor Rexann Hosafros are up for election this November. Murphy is expected to run again. Speculation is that Hosafros will not run. Neither has made an official announcement one way or the other.

Other names being discussed as possible candidates are Marine Resources Task Force Committee Chair Steve Johnson, Karen Woodson, who sits on several community committees and school teacher Patrick Romcoe.