Time to Scrap The Window Tint Ordinance


(By John King) This week the Town Council approved, 3 -2, moving forward with changing the window tinting regulation from 15% to 45%. Thank you to Mayor Murphy, Councilman Atterholt and Councilman Allers.

I believe the whole ordinance should be scrapped and begun anew and said so at the May 2nd meeting. Businesses have an issue with the section titled Beach Furniture and Obstructions. Since last year their concerns have been raised and not addressed.

I’ve expressed concern that one person’s eyesight is what determines lighting compliance. There is equipment that can, and should, be what determines compliance. I’d be surprised if any citations for non compliance would remain if adjudicated.

Why is the Council, to date, silent on the public review of Town Manager Roger Hernstadt? Will this be the second year in a row the May 31st deadline will not be met? That’s not leadership.

Community Policing was brought up at May 5th’s Management and Planning meeting during discussion of the 2022 budget and priorities for 2023. The Council is missing an opportunity to help alleviate the cost of this program by applying for a COPS Hiring Program Federal Grant. The grant provides 75% Federal funding. The remaining 25% would be picked up by Lee County, the Town of Fort Myers Beach or a combination. This would need to be applied for by the Lee County Sheriff by June 9, 2022. This will be another missed leadership opportunity as well as a missed fiduciary responsibility.

These are three examples of the kind of Leadership and Common Sense I want to bring to the Town Council.

John R. King

John King is running for Fort Myers Beach Town Council this November. He can be reached by e-mail at mauijrking@gmail.com.Follow John King on Facebook HERE.

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