Times Square Electrical Could Be Costly


The cost to wire electricity to a new clock in Times Square could cost up to $151,000.
The Town Council gave Town Manager Andy Hyatt the go ahead not to exceed that amount to get the job done.

While there’s no indication what a future Times Square will look like, or when anything new might be built in that location, the town was going to tear up the pavers to perform underground work before the storm as part of a Times Square rehab project. In other words, this work, and the possible $151,000 cost, is not only to install a new clock. The town will also try to get reimbursed by FEMA it that’s at all possible.

Back in June, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council accepted a donation from George and Linda Merschman who purchased a replacement clock for Times Square. The new $38,000 clock resembles the original clock that was lost due to Hurricane Ian.

The Times Square clock was one of the most popular beach landmarks for selfie pictures.

The town was hoping to give Times Square a major facelift, one of three major projects the previous town council borrowed $10 million for. The other two projects were a new Bay Oaks building and Bayside Park. Hurricane Ian changed those plans, wiping out nearly every business in Times Square, and significantly damaging Bay Oaks and Bayside Park.

While the town has been working feverishly to get Bayside Park repaired and open by Labor Day, there is no plan yet for Times Square. The town owns the sidewalk (that used to be a road) through Times Square, there are several property owners, several properties are listed for sale, and one property owner who’s in a legal fight over his property with the town. Lee County owns the pier, Lynn Hall park and Crescent Park on the other side of Times Square. As far as we know there hasn’t even been a meeting of the minds over the future of Times Square.


  1. Anyone else in favor of renaming “Times Square”. Sounds like a strip mall and we are hardly little New York City. Did not even know until the hurricane that this was “Times Square”. How some sort of fund raiser to rename the area something Beachy or Nautical or even San Carlos Pier? Something that would appeal to tourist here that are enjoying Fort Myers Beach instead of reminiscing about the Big Apple. How did Times Square come about? A developer from New York?

  2. Remember everything under time square needs updated. This was put off prior ti the storm so before anything is added all of the infrastructure needs updated. This was all
    Part of the time square revitalization. This was at a cost of few million dollars. Makes zero sense to wire the clock until this is done. Possibly locate it elsewhere temporarily until time square is ready for the clock.


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