Town Installs New Wheelchair Accessible Mats


Non-slip wheelchair beach access mats have been re-installed at four beach accesses on the north end of the island. The matts were destroyed or washed away by Hurricane Ian.

Here are the locations the matts were installed:
• #35 (Avenue A)
• #34 (Avenue C)
• #33 (Alva Drive)
• #27 (Mango Street)

As beach sand can be replaced on the pathways and additional mats can be sourced, mats will be installed at additional beach accesses.


  1. Thank you for these much needed and greatly appreciated mats. As a person with mobility issues, these make it possible to go to the beach and enjoy it despite many more challenges. This makes the walk so much easier which cannot be said for so many other beaches. Yet another reason I love FMB the best of all! Before Ian, I utilized random FMB beach
    access points daily and these mats made it possible! Keep up the great work with these! You are making a BIG difference in accessibility and quality of life for so many!

  2. I certainly appreciate the town’s efforts. But we were just down for 2 weeks staying north of the pier. Beach access 38 and 39 were very close to us, but there has not been any work on either of those access points. Would be nice to see some work there.


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