Town Must Make $2 Million In Fixes To Comply With ADA


A $60,000 study revealed the town of Fort Myers Beach must make over $2 million worth of property modifications, in seven different areas, to become compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. So far $50,000 has been set aside to make the changes.

On Thursday, September 3rd the town council heard a report from consultant Castellanos & Tramonte. The biggest problem was sidewalks. $660,000 worth of work needs to be done to sidewalks to make them accessible for handicapped. Some town sidewalks are only about ten years old and will have to be fixed.

$150,000 worth of fixes will need to be made for beach access in order for handicapped people to have easier access to Fort Myers Beach.

Here’s a full list of the work and the cost:


The town council will need to decide on a long-term plan to make the fixes which includes how many years it should take and how much money to set aside each year.

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