Town Staff Quickly Sweeps Idalia Into History Books


After the back end of Idalia created a few feet of storm surge during high tide, there were pockets of Fort Myers Beach that were washed over with sand and debris. When daylight hit on Wednesday, all hands were on deck as the Fort Myers Beach town staff went to work cleaning up the mess.

Staff was first spotted swarming like bees in Times Square where the lack of buildings to block the sand, coupled with property owners who refuse to clean up their own mess, resulted in a thick layer of muck on town property. Your town staff members were shoveling, sweeping and picking up broken glass, chairs, tires, rebar and other debris, at rapid speed.

Town Manager Andy Hyatt said the community is fortunate to have such an excellent group of employees. “They are here and ready to support our citizens daily, but really step up when adversity strikes. Staff did not hesitate to step in when they were needed, and I am fortunate to be a small part of the FMB Team.”

Mayor Dan Allers: “We are very fortunate to have the dedicated staff we have. Storm after storm, day after day, they are there willing to do whatever it takes to help. They are part of the fabric of our rebuild. I’m honored and proud to stand beside them everyday.”

Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt: “The leadership and work ethic from our Mayor, Town Manager and everyone from the town staff has been outstanding. From cleaning up loose debris before the storm, getting the ball fields as well as Bayside Park ready and communicating with the public before and after the storm—our team has demonstrated they are more than capable of helping to move this island forward.”

Councilwoman Karen Woodson: “I am so appreciative of every one of our town staff for their unwavering commitment to FMB and their tireless work over the past 3 days. Their work in preparing our island for the storm was unprecedented, along with constant communication updates! Kudos to each and every one of you!”

Councilman John King: “I’m in awe of how hard our staff worked before, during and after Idalia. Their dedication is impressive and deeply appreciated.”



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