Town Wants Help From County With Dangerous Crosswalk


The town council has another bone to pick with Lee County about Estero Boulevard. Councilman Dan Allers says residents have been calling him about how dangerous this crosswalk has become at Lenell Road near Santini Plaza.

At several spots along the Boulevard, there are flashing lights that help drivers understand that they are coming up on a crosswalk and should be aware they might need to stop to allow pedestrians to cross. This crosswalk at Lenell only has a sign leaving pedestrians to make the dash across the road when they think it’s safe. Allers says residents in that area would like to see a flashing beacon like the one in front of the Wyndham.

At one point in time this crosswalk was so busy that the town allocated money to pay a crossing guard to stop traffic and help people cross. Unfortunately, the crossing guard quit after being hit by a car.

Allers was given the OK by the town council to pursue the matter with Lee County Board member Ray Sandelli being that Lee County owns Estero Boulevard. Allers will also be contacting Fore Chief Ron Martin to see what the fire department would like to have at that crosswalk.


  1. I’m glad you posted this photo as I have a better idea of my own experience looking at this, than watching the Town Council meeting. I agree with Councilman Allers. Brought up at the meeting by Dan, was to bring the fire station into the inquiry because they would welcome the assistance of also being able to arm the light when needed. That south end is scary to drive through sometimes.

  2. We need flashing lights at ALL crosswalks on the south end. When you get south of Santini cars pick up speed. And now that construction is over cars are passing in the turn lanes around the drivers going the speed limit. It is very unsafe.

  3. Flashing light just north of Lennell for 1 hotel/restaurant…..NO flashing light at Lenell where there are over 20 businesses and several restaurants?????? Come on, Lee County, get with the program!!!!!

  4. As a frequent Estero Boulevard walker, I can attest to the need for flashing lights at this particular crosswalk location. The crosswalk is a high-volume crosswalk as it is adjacent to Santini Plaza, CVS, and 7-Eleven.

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