TPI Purchasing Property on Buttonwood


The Margaritaville developer plans to purchase a 1.25 acre piece of property from Frank and Al DePaolo on the corner of Main Street and Buttonwood as you approach the Matanzas Pass Bridge. Here’s what the property will be used for.

The building will be cleaned up and converted to a facility that helps the Margaritaville resort operation on the other side of the bridge.

The 6,000 square foot building on the propertry has loading docks, warehouse space, offices and bathrooms.

TPI plans to install commercial laundry equipment in the warehouse and conduct its commercial laundry service for the Margaritaville resort at that location.

They can also park approximately 100 vehicles so it will also serve as an employee parking lot. A tram will shuttle employees between the Buttonwoood location and the resort.

TPI has the property under contract for $1.1 million and is expected to close on the purchase in the next few months.

The Margaritaville resort planned opening is September of 2023.


  1. If they can do that, then the town could just tram all non-residents. Imagine an island with more pedestrians than cars, no 2 hour lines of traffic for those actually living here and fewer issues all together.


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