Turtle Time: 32 Nests Remain


Our friends at Turtle Time have updated the latest Fort Myers Beach turtle stats: There are now 32 remaining nests to hatch compared to last weeks 46. There have not been any false crawls since the beginning of August.

From Turtle time website: Sea turtles are nocturnal, meaning they nest at night. Every now and then, however, we are treated with a daytime nesting turtle, offering us a wonderful opportunity to watch as she traverses the beach after having completed her nest. Alejandro, a visitor to Bonita beach, shared this video of a loggerhead sea turtle as she returns to the gulf. Notice that everyone stayed way back…as they should! Click the link to watch the video


Please continue to close drapes, turn off or shield any light visible from the beach, use Amber LED light bulbs (You can find certified Amber LED dealers at www.myfwc.com.) and fill in any holes dug in the sand that may entrap the little sea turtles.

Turtle season runs until the end of October.