Two Lani Kai Murder Lawsuits Settled


Two lawsuits related to the July 2020 murder of 22-year old Johnny Jackson at the Lani Kai Motel have been settled out of court. At the time of the murder, Jackson was a hotel guest of his brother, Jordan Phillips, who was an employee of the Lani Kai at the time.

Jackson’s mother Thomasina Daniels filed a wrongful death suit against the Lani Kai.

Travisia Blanks also filed a lawsuit against the motel. Blanks says she was wounded by a gunshot in the July incident.

Fort Myers attorney Joseph North represented both Blanks and Daniels. Court documents did not reveal how much money Daniels and Blanks received from the Lani Kai to settle their cases. We reached out to North to ask him how much the payout was. “All that I can say is that the parties have reached a confidential settlement.”

The Daniels lawsuit stated that during the “three years prior to the incident, a substantial amount of violent criminal activity, including assaults, batteries and the discharge of firearms had occurred on the premises of The Lani Kai.”

No arrest has been announced by LCSO in Jackson’s murder

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