Veach Wants Town to Investigate Tent Living


If you’re living in a tent on your own property while you rebuild, because you lost your house in the storm, you may soon be told to fold it up.

Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Bill Veach said he’s noticed a proliferation of tents around the island. “Some of the people living in the tents don’t look like they’re property owners.”

Veach wanted town staff for clarification on what constitutes a trailer, RV or tent for people on their own property.

Town Attorney John Herin advised the council that the temporary use permits that the town has been approving to allow residents to live in RV’s and trailers on their property as they rebuild does not include tents. Veach asked Herin if that’s something that can be enforced and if an ordinance was needed to disallow it.

Mayor Dan Allers said some people can’t get a camper on their lot while they’re rebuilding.

During the meeting Herin found an ordinance in the town code that stated, “no person shall set up tents, shacks or any other temporary shelter for the purpose of overnight camping other than in designated camping areas.”

Veach said some of the tents he sees look like camps outside of some third world country rather than someone who owns a property and is living there

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