Vice Mayor: Community Policing is a Joke


Those are the words of outgoing Vice Mayor Rexann Hosafros. She made the comments during the Fort Myers Beach Town Council budget public hearing last night. Hosafros has never been in favor of Community Policing and said last night, “I’m against it to the core of my soul.”

Her comments were made during a heated discussion over the add-on list this town council hopes to accomplish in the next several years and voted to fund through a millage increase. The battle was with councilman Dan Allers who’s been fighting to hire two Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies as Community Police Officers for the past two years. Councilman Jim Atterholt is also in favor of at least two officers and the town’s public safety committee recommended 4. The cost to town taxpayers is about $120,000 per officer per year.

Hosafros, Ray Murphy and councilman Bill Veach are opposed. Hosafros said she was willing to swallow it for a year, saying it was a compromise to Allers and Atterholt so they would get on board for other projects that need to be done on the beach and require a higher millage rate. 

Hosafros’ term on the council expires November 7th of this year.


  1. To Vice Mayor Hosafros,
    Over the last 6 years, our condominium has experienced theft from parked vehicles in our lot, unit break-ins and theft, slashed tires in our parking lot, a stolen unrecovered vehicle and a brutal murder a mile from our location.
    We had to install a 6 foot fence around our parking lot and had to fight the Town because it was a six foot fence. They thought it was too high.
    Our policing today may have worked 20 years ago but it is losing ground in todays climate.
    My wife and I are second generation owners and have been associated with FMB for over 40 years. We need more protection. Period.

    • An excellentxexamplecof where thecreal crimes are happening. In single and multi family neighborhoods. Not on Estero Blvd. Community policing would be along the boulevard. Where the crimes aren’t.

      • Lee, Dave Nusbaum is the President of the Island Winds Condo Association. They’re located on Estero Boulevard, on what are you basing your statement. Lee, I keep hearing you were a journalist, yet I don’t see any dealing in facts. You deal in hyperbole, inuendo and supposed gotchas. Sorry, I guess you are a “journalist”.

  2. Don’t forget that she wanted to charge the sheriff for placing the security camera in time square ! That help protect the business and visitor to Time square from !
    This is the stuff they come up with this council and town management!
    We need a change , and Don’t forget Ray and Veech agreed with her !

  3. Thank goodness for Nov 8th!! See ya Rexann! No more nonsense to FMB!
    We need the RIGHT people in these seats that stand for the island people and businesses!! It’s called “doing the RIGHT thing”! As a business owner you have caused many issues to this community along with two others that have zero clue in working together.
    What ever happen to a community/town in working as one? The town of FMB is known as “It’s a huge embarrassment with what has occurred the last few years with this council”
    It’s time for change and support to the others that try to voice!! Dan & Jim hoping you get the support soon!
    Come on NOV 8th🇺🇸💪
    I don’t know how a few of you on FMB council sleep at night. Hatred is a horrible thing.

  4. Policing is a joke? People like her are the very ones that, when help is needed, will be the first to call, and when it doesn’t come immediately, will be up in arms! Hopefully the police are never needed.

    So looking forward to November!!!

  5. I agree with Amy…… Hosafros needs a reality check! As I mention in my previous article’s response, she is out of touch. I’m not sure where she lives or how often she gets out onto Estero Boulevard, but her head is in the sand when it comes to policing. We live on the south end and my response relates only to traffic issues. I’m sure we can all think of more issues policing can help with besides these. Here are a few: All night last night, and many other nights, we hear crotch rockets racing up and down Estero. Would love to have some police down here for that. The other day, I called 911 when a crotch rocket passed me IN THE BICYCLE LANE, then went into the oncoming lane to pass a row of cars. Would love to have had a cop then. When I was out jogging last week, a car was passing a row of other cars down the middle turn lane. Again, a cop would have been great! Any number of pedestrians or bicyclists could have been run down by these terrible motorists. But heaven forbid Hosafros should pay for a cop to help save a life!

  6. I don’t understand why she ran again for Council…….she sits there like she is bored to death at each meeting, looking down at the desk, hands on her face, or laid back in her chair. She is rude and not respectful of the other Council members and downright nasty at times. And her outlook on our Town is so one sided. I loved last night comment that everyone on the island is of financial well-being and can afford the rate increase. Has she looked around at some of the people who still struggle to live here? And then she wonders why she has no “neighbors” in her “neighborhood”. It’s not because of short term rentals, it’s because people left the island due to the cost to live here. She needs a reality check!

  7. That woman wakes up and says I hate my face now how can make everyone else feel my anger. What a shameful human.

    • You may not agree with Community Policing but most of those you are suppose to serve do, in fact, support the idea. You were elected to represent those in this town, not be the queen of the town.

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