Volunteers Needed For A Water Project


The project is called “What’s In the Water?” It’s a collaboration between The Water School at Florida Gulf Coast University and the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce Water Foundation.

Volunteers are needed to collect water samples at an assigned site this Saturday, June 8th from 10am- 11am.

Volunteers will be asked to follow these instructions:
– Two sample bottles (pre-labeled for each site being tested) and sampling instructions are to be picked up by the volunteers prior to the water sampling from the Mound House. – Two water samples are collected at each assigned site.  Samples from Bayside sites should be collected at the mouth of the canal (i.e., where the canal enters the Bay).
– Samples from the Gulf sites should be taken in waist-deep water in the Gulf.   All samples should be collected sub-surface (i.e., elbow-depth in the water), where sample bottles are filled and rinsed out 3x with the water from your site before collecting the actual sample to be analyzed.
– After collecting your water samples (between 10 – 11 am), you will add the time of collection to the bottle labels (Remember to bring a permanent marker with you). Place sample bottles in a container/small cooler to keep cold.  Samples are then to be taken directly back to the Mound House.

To volunteer sign up HERE.

For more information call Nicole Weigold at 239-826-0093 or email her at nweigold@fgcu.edu



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