Walkover Coming in August


Another sign of the progress for the Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach. According to Brandon Prince from construction firm Deangelis Diamond, the walkover connecting the resort from the Bay side of the resort to the Beach side will be added to the structure in August.

The walkover is built off site and will be delivered to the resort location in one piece and installed, connecting the two buildings. Prince did not mention an exact date for the installation in August or if Estero Boulevard will be closed off for traffic for any length of time during this piece of the project.

The walkover will be open to the public when the resort opens. The resort is still on target to open in September of 2023.


  1. Wow, the project is moving along very quickly! Construction on both sides of Estero Blvd has reached the point that you can visualize where the walkover will be.


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