Is Frontline Your Insurance Company?


If Frontline is your insurance provider, and you have an outstanding claim, they will be in Fort Myers next week to meet with policyholders.

The company says if you were represented by a public adjuster or an attorney they must be with you when you meet with a Frontline representative.

Frontline representatives will be at the Hilton Garden Inn at 12600 University Drive in Fort Myers. go HERE to schedule your appointment.

Policyholders should bring as much documentation as they can, including:
– A driver’s license or other form of identification (passport/State issued ID)
– Insurance cards and insurance policy information/documentation
– Pictures or documentation of the property being claimed as a loss resulting from Hurricane Ian
– Repair estimates
– Any additional insurance-related information that is readily accessible.


  1. We have frontline and have gotten ZIP other then them threatening to sue me for mitigating the Roof damage to our home? We need a class action law suit-
    This is beyond outrageous – to think that a private company could do this (they couldn’t without Govt support)
    Where is Meatball? Where is Jimmy Patronis –

  2. Frontline is a horrible insurance company. They deny, deny, deny and lose any photos you have submitted. They treat you like you are a criminal for having survived the hurricane. If you have Frontline-get something else.

  3. Jason & I have Frontline for both Business & Home…. an absolute shit show, the run around for 10 months now!!! We had an adjuster, now attorney involved & have been denied on both claims over and over again. YES we had flood & Wind on both and still paying out for insurance on our home that we are fixing out-of-pocket and insurance on our new Mango location but what’s the damn point to have it if they won’t pay if something happens!!
    Such a SCAM!!

  4. Met with Frontline prior in Ft Myers. They denied the claim in total. But have received payment from them thru a Public Adjuster and should still receive more. Meeting with them in person was a waist of time.

  5. Is BTR radio becoming a muckraker? Your teaser yesterday and Headline today suggested Frontline Insurance is going out of business.
    I hope this reporting was an exception and the rule going forward or you’ll become like all the other factless, worthless, social media out there.

    • Hey Anthony…I did nothing of the sort. The information in this story is very important to policyholders. Nothing I posted on Facebook indicated anything about them going out of business. Not even a hint of that suggestion.
      Here’s my suggestion to you if you don’t like the way I do things…stop following us. Stick with the newspaper. Don’t tell me how to run my business. I have no plans to conform to the way you want me to do what I do.

  6. We do have Frontline and met with them early this year at the same place. Still denied wind damage and their solution was to send out their “engineer”. Basically was a waste of time. We hired an attorney. Maybe others had a better outcome from these meetings.


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