We Can Find A Home For These Pets For The New Year


Isabelle at Findahomegiveahome Pet Rescue fills us in on her latest crew of furry friends she’s trying to get adopted. This week we have all the details on two dogs and one cat. We start off with Roxy

Roxy was given to a neighbor after her owner moved. She’s 3 years old and gets along great with other dogs. If you are interested in helping Roxy please call 239-281-0739.


Rummy (to the right) is five years old with a great coat and a friendly face.


Ricky is a seven month old kitten. Lots of white and stripes and adorable. If you are interesting in Ricky, contact Joann at 239-851-3485 you can text as well. or email at jksunsurf@gmail.com



If you’re interested in helping find a home for any of these great pets, contact pets@findahomegiveahome.com


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