We’re #1


Just to see the company we were keeping, after Town Manager Roger Hernstadt recently denied our street performer application for Beach Talk Radio, we reviewed every street performer application dating back to 2018. Here’s what we discovered and uncovered…

Out of approximately 40 applications on the town’s website, not one of those applications were denied. Two of the applications were withdrawn and every other application submitted was approved.

Upon refusing our application last month, with the wave of his hand, Hernstadt told the town council, with anger building in his voice, “they were so far afield from what a street performer is we sent Mr. Ryan his check back without cashing it.”

As of Friday morning we have not received any warning or violation from the town for broadcasting last Saturday’s show in the public square. We are certainly expecting something soon after code enforcement took pictures of our show last week. We’ll be back in the square tomorrow morning, exercising our First Amendment rights for episode #167.