What About That New Fire Station Location?


The Town Manager has been told to explore the possibility that the future home to the Fort Myers Beach Fire Station be looked at as a possible location for a new upland services building.

In January of last year the Fire Board approved a $4 million contract to purchase the property that used to be home to Topps Supermarket at 2545 and 2555 Estero Blvd. After a 22-year run Topps closed in early 2018 when the owners lost their lease. The building was knocked down in April of 2019. The Fire Department is not part of the town of Fort Myers Beach government. It has its own taxing authority.

The location has access to the water and its known that the Fire Department will not be using the entire piece of property for the new fire house. Although, it may want to use the water access for its own rescue boats, which may be an issue for the town to deal with if the location is to be considered for an upland services building. Mooring Field residents would need a way to access land to get to the restrooms and laundry facilities.

Fire Department officials have told us they expect the RFQ process to take run through early 2021 and once the design professionals are selected, a design of the building will follow

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