What About That Nuisance Abatement Board?


Now that the ownership at The Lani Kai has given some ground to the community by backing out of the TPI lawsuit, what will this mean for Councilman Dan Allers’ plan to pursue a Nuisance Abatement Board to crack down on bad players in the community?

Allers came up with the idea after hearing about a Nuisance Abatement Board in Fort Myers which did have luck cracking down on, and eventually closing a business that was a magnet for trouble in Fort Myers.

The Lani Kai has for years been plagued with an abundance of calls to the Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department. Calls to the Lani Kai far outnumber calls to any other resort on the beach. The goal of the board would be to try to get the Conidiaris family and their hotel team to do a better job at preventing the crime and violence that has plagued the facility. Last month one man was killed and two others wounded on the Lani Kai property.

Residents would like to know more detail about what a Nuissance Abatement Board is. Will it have any real teeth? Does the community really need another government agency to crack down on crime? Will it have any real teeth? How many other beach businesses will get caught up in the board’s net?

One thing is clear. The residents do not expect the Lani Kai to be let off the hook on their crime problem just because they backed out of what the majority of the community has always believe to be a frivolous lawsuit to try to stop TPI.

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