What About The Parking Under The Bridge?


With season getting close to kicking off, parking spots become even more important on Fort Myers Beach. Many of you may have noticed a large portion of the town’s parking area under the bridge has been congested with construction equipment. It’s been there for the last nine months and may continue to occupy that space through the end of the year.

Mitchell & Stark Construction is storing its equipment under the bridge while the North Estero phase two utilities project is being worked on. The area is actually owned by the Florida Department of Transportation. The town collects revenue from the parking meters.

The contractor has not completed the work and next week will be requesting that their permit to use the parking spots as a staging area be extended through the end of 2021. FDOT has already signed off on extending their permit.

While the spots will be lost for the start of the upcoming season, if approved by the council next week, the contractor does pay the town back for its lost revenue from the parking.


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