You May Be Getting These Security Cameras


But probably not in Times Square, according to Flock Safety’s VP of Marketing Josh Thomas who we interviewed on a special episode of Beach Talk Radio Thursday night. Thomas explained why and how these camera’s are primarily used to read license plates and help the authorities solve crime.

Last week the Fort Myers Beach Town Council heard from Flock Safety about installing cameras around town to help solve and deter crime.

The council has budgeted $25,000 for cameras. They are expecting to hear a presentation from one more company before deciding on whether to install the cameras.

Read our original story on the Flock Safety presentation HERE.

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  1. Mc I believe you are mistaken on the serious crime in time square. Perhaps you should do some more research. Crime happens everywhere. Most not in the highly trafficked time square. Most happens in uninhabited rentals or homes as they are easy targets. These and any camera are not meant to prevent crime but help solve or prosecute those involved

  2. I listened to the 2 different BTR interviews with representatives from Flock Safety and understand now, how well these cameras work and economical for the town, because the cameras will be updated along with rapid new technology. I was super impressed with what these cameras can do, reading license plates. As for Time’s Square and all the businesses, personal security cameras like those we have at our home are not pricey and keeping equipment up to date, very clear pictures. They could just record and automatically erase after 2 weeks. Simple. Saying that, we still need the Sheriff Dept to have a strong visible presence.

  3. Waste of money. Most of the serious crime is in the Times Square area. And those committing crimes may not even have a car on the Island.

    The wise choice was community policing and focusing on preventing crime as opposed to letting it happen and hope that the crime isn’t serious and can be solved.

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