What About Those Century Link Boxes


Many of you have sent us e-mails wondering when CenturyLink would be cleaning up the broken boxes they have scattered all over the island. Councilman John King met with CenturyLink this week to try to get an answer for you. Here’s what he found out.

One year after Hurricane Ian wiped out the CenturyLink boxes, here’s the explanation they gave Councilman John King, “They say supply chain issues are behind the inability to replace network boxes. They are attempting to put orange bags around the equipment for safety and aesthetics.”

Apparently it’s also taken them one year to find orange bags to protect the public. Note to CenturyLink CEO: 50 of them will only cost you $32.00 on Amazon.

King says send complaints about this issue to his e-mail address (Johnking@fmbgov.com) and he’ll forward them along to CenturyLink.


  1. There is no way that they can reuse the boxes. They need to terminate those connections, remove the boxes and find a more suitable cover for wires left behind. Unbelievable.

  2. I have find out with age that if you want to get people’s attention you got to put a date and amount is going to cost them if not done by certain date.

  3. Question for John King and BTR to put out to Century Link (Lumen). We see Lumen’s subcontractor on the island installing the underground orange tubing (I have one of their new inground connection boxes on my property as of a couple weeks ago) that will encase the new fiber optic cable that will be installed sometime soon to service our island. It is my understanding that the fiber will replace most of the storm damaged switches / boxes except for those needed to accommodate the new fiber equipment. Can we find out if in fact the new fiber optic cable will replace the old copper wire technology and if so what equipment will actually get replaced and what will get removed. We were told this by another Century Link rep as well as the subcontractor installing the boxes and tubing so it seems a bit conflicting what their rep told John King.

  4. I have a smashed up century box on my property. It’s been laying there for 11 1/2 months with wires coming out of it. Now you’re telling me they are going to cover it with a bright orange bag to highlight its existence! That will look wonderful.


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