What Are YOUR Top Public Safety Concerns?


We polled our Facebook followers over a two-day period this week to get an idea of the public safety concerns residents have on the beach. Too many crosswalks on Estero Boulevard and the homeless situation were the top two issues. Here are your top ten…

Top Ten Fort Myers Beach Public Safety Issues:
#1 TIE) Crosswalks
#1 TIE) Homeless
#3) Traffic (including speeders and distracted drivers)
#4) Lighting
#5) Intoxicated people
#6) Bicycles
#7) Boaters
#8) Golf carts
#9) Lack of police presence
#10) Noise


  1. Yes, The lighting is very dangerous. I understand we want to save the turtles and I love the turtles!, but the red lights makes street crossing very dangerous and is putting pedestrians at risk of being injured, or worse, killed when not seen by drivers. I’ve witnessed several close calls while walking home in the dark from Times Square. Is it possible to put some kind of shield on the back side of the lights so a Regular light isn’t seen so easily from
    The beach side?? The red lights are useless for providing safety for people.

  2. Clearly the number one issue is the poor lighting and particularly at crosswalks. Driving through the downtown corridor at night is very challenging as street crossers dart out of the shadows like deer on the highway.

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