What Fort Myers Business Do You Miss The Most?


Take our Facebook poll. From just under 1,000 responses so far, the most missed businesses are: The Cottage, Outrigger, Skye’s, The Salty Crab, Pete’s Times Out and Hoosiers. Cast your vote HERE.


  1. Hoosiers and Shamrock for sure were our first thought, then all the others mentioned rushed into our memories….Salty Crab, Pete’s, The Cottage, just getting used to our new reality here on island. Heavy sigh, yet happy to still be here 🤗

  2. I’ve been coming down from the Chicago area every Christmas for couple of months for 15 years and the Holiday Inn/Wyndam tiki bar was my hang out. I will miss is dearly.

  3. Yesterday on FB I said Shamrock… But after thinking about it, and after being on the Island for 2 vacations since Ian, the business we miss the most, is 7-11. I guess I always took for granted how much we depended on the 7-11’s when we stay in the Island.

    • GC, I agree and will be happy to see our 7-11 at south end open April 9 (if that date is still valid??). No more 15-20 mile round trips for a tank of gas!

  4. Seeing our name as a top business is truly a emotional honor.
    Thank all of you for the kind memories and words you are sharing.


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