What This Special Partnership Achieved


Within 2 weeks after Ian the Woman’s Club and the Community Foundation came together to partner on fund raising. The goal was to not compete to raise money and give back to the 33931 community to address the immediate needs.

The 33931 Fund was born and the solution was to take applications of those with a 33931 driver’s license and give each household a $500 e-Mastercard to help with immediate needs. It was trial and error at first, but a system was developed.

Many companies, foundations and individuals came forward with large and small donations. T-Shirts were created with the theme, #WeAreFMB-Resilient, to drive more revenue to the fund.

The 33931 Fund is coming to an end. Here’s what was accomplished:
1,462 Mastercard gift cards of $500 apiece were sent out totaling $731,000 that went back into the beach community
– $20,000 was given to Beach Baptist Church for their daily meal program
– $10,000 was given to Cultivating Hope to be used for their daily meal program
– $45,000 was given to FMB Strong at 820 Buttonwood to assist with their large item wish list and also assist the shrimper community

The Woman’s Club and FMB Community Foundation are continuing their individual fund raising and will be giving back to the community but each under their own organization.

The Foundation turning over a check to Cultivating Hope.


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