What You Can Do To Help The Homeless (Situation)


We’ve heard several disturbing incidents recently about homeless individuals on the beach. Whether it’s going to the bathroom in broad daylight or lighting a dangerous fire or an act of indecent exposure, the problem is real. If you’re concerned about the situation here’s what you can do….

#1) Go to the Town Council meeting this Monday at 9AM and fill out a card to speak during public comment at the start of the meeting. During public comment, anyone can speak for 3 minutes. Voice your concerns directly to the council.

#2) Send an e-mail to the council and ask that your comment be read directly into the record – so the rest of the public can hear it. Not everyone can attend a 9AM government meeting when they work full-time jobs. It’s important that you ask that your comment be read out loud into the public record of the meeting otherwise they will not do it and, other than the council, nobody will really know that you’ve tried to raise your concern. Before you send it, read it to yourself and time it, so it does not go over the 3 minute time limit.

Here’s where to send your letters: council@fmbgov.com

We plan to carry the Monday meeting live here on our Facebook page..