What’s Going on at CROW?


Starting in September there is a slew of new presentations at the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife. Here are the topics for the CROW tours which are available Monday through Friday at 11:00am.

The Misunderstood Animals
There are some animals that us as humans are not as fond of. Most of these animals are not cuddly and fluffy but hold such an environmental importance. This presentation discusses some of these misunderstood animals and why they aren’t so bad after all.

Island Aquatic Environments
Sanibel Island is a barrier island famous for its wildlife. Ever wonder why Sanibel provides such a great home for so many species of animals? This presentation discusses the aquatic environments around Sanibel and what makes them a vital part of the ecosystem.

When animals are recovering, they need certain things to help feel “at home”. Whether it’s a branch, hamster wheels, a hollowed-out tree, or a pool of ice, our patients need things to keep them occupied and enhance their skills. This presentation discusses what the CROW team does for enrichment and why this is important.

Animal Defenses
Animals have evolved numerous ways of defending themselves against predators. This talk focuses on the often overlooked but interesting methods of defense which involve deception and chemistry. Three main methods discussed in this talk will be the use of toxic chemicals, camouflage, and mimicry.

Animal Communication
Have you ever wondered how ants follow that invisible trail leading to food? What are birds saying to one another when they chirp outside your window? Animal communication takes many different forms. This presentation will cover some common types of signals including pheromones, auditory cues, visual cues, and tactile cues.

Red Tide
Every summer the Gulf Coast of Florida deals with a harmful algal bloom locals refer to as ‘red tide’. This algal bloom caused by microscopic algae produces toxins, kills fish, and makes shellfish dangerous to eat. Not all blooms are harmful though, this talk will review the cause and effects of algal blooms in Southwest Florida.

Evolution of Reptiles
Reptiles originated approximately 300 million years ago and through time have evolved into unique forms, such as turtles, snakes, and dinosaurs. They also have taken on the appearance and habits of other vertebrate groups, such as sharks and dolphins. Delve into the past with us and see just how this diverse group came to be!

Tours are filling up 1-2 weeks in advance so reserve your spot today HERE.

The Visitor Education Center will be closed the second week of September (6-10) for fall cleaning. They will be open again Monday, September 13!