What’s The Story FEMA?


Remember that FEMA story? The one where they dropped 5 local municipalities, including Fort Myers Beach, from their 25% National Flood Insurance program discount without telling any of them why. Here’s the latest…

After submitting all the required documents FEMA requested All 5 municipalities (Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero and unincorporated Lee County) were supposed to hear back from FEMA by July 10th. As of today, July 12th, crickets.

After the surprise attack FEMa launched on the 5 municipalities, they all went to work: A: trying to establish a line of communication with the federal agency, and B: trying to find out what they did wrong and how to fix that.

Once FEMA got over it’s arrogance and the town was able to determine what needed to be done, town staff provided FEMA with documentation reflecting the town’s records of site work review, including but not limited to: violations for unpermitted work, stop work orders, complaint code cases, processed renovation permits, documents demonstrating work was that was completed on houses which were not substantially damaged and documents proving there was substantial damage and the demolition permits were needed.

All of that documentation needed to be submitted by June 10th. FEAM then told the town (and the 4 other municipalities) they would call them with a verdict by July 10th. That didn’t happen. Mayor Dan Allers now says that FEMA is expected to contact the town next week some time before word gets out to the media and the public about their decision.

FEMA claims Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coal, Bonita Springs, Estero and unincorporated Lee County allowed property owners to perform work on their homes without permits and didn’t pay enough attention to FEMA’s 50% rule. All 5 municipalities say FEMA blindsided them with their insurance downgrade and all 5 municipalities claimed they provided FEMA with everything they asked for since Hurricane Ian.

Fort Myers Beach went from a 5 rating which offers residents a 25% discount to a 10 rating with is a zero discount.

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  1. Before retiring, I worked for the Federal Government in Washington DC for a total of 32 years as a project manager, contracting officer and contracting officer representative and during my career I have witnessed (or was privy to) similar events dozens of times. In my case, it was with the agencies in which I served, providing services to other Federal Agencies. The events that we are experiencing with FEMA are part and parcel with a large bureaucracy; they key to success is not giving up.

  2. After almost two years, we have only recovered 50 % of our paid repairs submitted to FEMA through our “adjuster”. It is a long, laborious process which unfortunately may continue for another year or two before it is all settled.

  3. So, my take on this is after spending nearly two years talking with FEMA about support to rebuild, we are still in limbo!

  4. Classic case of government saying you have to follow rules and deadlines but we don’t have to follow rules or meet deadlines.


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