When You Gotta Go…


Remember that big building that was being proposed between Nervous Nellies and Snug Harbor? The new Bayside Park building the community never really knew was about to be built.

One of the selling points from the town staff was that the new building would have public restrooms, something even a few town council members said were very much needed in that area.


Did you know that there are already public restrooms a few feet away from the proposed building? And, they are very nice restrooms indeed. The facilities are located in Unit C of The Marina Village at Snug Harbor Condominium Building.

They’ve actually been there for a couple of years. The town council passed a 2017 resolution¬†¬† for Robert Fowler who requested a change to the town’s master concept plan which lead to what is now the Snug Harbor restaurant. A condition to that change was the public restrooms be built.

So next time you are walking around the area of the old fountain or Nervous Nellies or Snug Harbor and nature calls, there’s no need to run all the way back to Lynn Hall Park to go.

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