Where To Put The Arches?


Since 2016 a group called Restore The Fort Myers Beach Arches has been trying to find a location to reconstruct what’s left of the structure, that from 1924 to 1979 greeted people as they came over the old bridge to the beach. On October 16 the town council will hear four suggested locations from the group.

Back in 2019 it looked like the arches had found a home, Crescent Beach Park, which is owned by Lee County. That idea was nixed when the town council let the county know the structure would look out of place in the park, and were not in favor of them being built there.

The last proposal the group received from the county was for one stone with a sign which Restore the Arches President Steven Ray MacDonald said his group voted against 25-1. They felt it was too small an inadequate for the level of effort they’ve been putting in on this project.

On October 16, according to McDonald these four locations will be pitched to the town council.

Bayside Park…

The Mound House

Town Hall

And Three areas around Lynn Hall Park
Times Square


When the arches were torn down as part of the Matanzas Pass Bridge construction not all of the pieces were saved. What’s left of the Arches is in the hands of the Grandson of the man paid to remove them in 1979. The arches are part of the backdrop in town hall where the council holds its meetings.


  1. It would be a shame if we cannot get these arches restored they were here before anything at Ft Myers Beach was the city should be excited to have this historical land mark restored!!!

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