Who to Contact About The Debris Piles


Lee County and the State of Florida have turned their backs on Fort Myers Beach residents when it comes to the debris on Estero Boulevard. If you want to contact the two people who can change that, and get the debris piles cleaned up, here’s who you to contact and how to reach them…

At the County level, Ray Sandelli is your representative and can be contacted by e-mail at dist3@leegov.com.

At the state level, send an e-mail to ESF14@EM.MYFLORIDA.com.

You are welcome to take any of the pictures below to accompany your letters to Sandelli and Guthrie.


  1. How might the county or town of Fort Myers Beach access some of Casey DeSantis’ 60 million disaster relief/fund monies? Wouldn’t this be a reasonable use for such funds?
    The first step for individuals and businesses needing assistance should be through the toll-free tele-registration hotline, available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) (TTY: 1-800-462-7585). Where has that 60 million been allocated?

  2. Seems Ray took the island’s votes, photo ops and backslaps then disappeared. It was his job to be on top of this. He’s accountable. Make him so.
    Question is, why should you have to.

  3. This newsletter has hundreds of followers. If even half of the readers wrote emails to the government officials and representatives and the governor. Perhaps we could get some thing done. It only took me 5 minutes to send Four emails. You owe it to the memory of what it was and what it can be.

  4. FLOOD these government emails provided to remind them the VALUE of this little island to the entire state in the form of revenue dollars. Each of us can support the Beach in a respectful email to these powers to REMOVE these piles of CONCRETE DEBRIS.

  5. Just wondering . Didn’t Biden say back in October when he was in ft Myers beach that the Federal government would pick up the tab for the beach clean up.

  6. Hopefully island residents will take a few minutes to contact our elected officials at the county, state and federal level. This is our home and we must at least make an effort to ask for what we need and deserve. I have already contacted Congressman Donalds and the governor and will now send my message to these contacts as well.

  7. I am still gobsmacked at the lack of “official” help for FMB since the storm. I just don’t get it. Grateful for those that have stepped up to help, and there are many. FMB Strong.

  8. Such a shame! Maybe The Governor needs to visit the area again and get this cleaned up!! What are they thinking 🤔 It’s not going to disappear on its own. How can you start rebuilding with all that in the way. Has to be a huge safety hazard too. 😳😓🤬

    • 100 correct! Typical politicians! Tell us lies to get elected!
      Desantis isn’t in the country! but he is not gonna run for President? More LIES!!!


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