Who Will Fill The Empty Town Council Seat?


So far we know that Lagoon Road resident Ed Schoonover has submitted an application to the council for the open seat and LPA member Scott Safford is expected to file today. Schoonover will be our 11:30 guest at Margaritaville tomorrow.

If you’re interested in serving on the Town Council until the November election you must meet the requirements in the Fort Myers Beach government charter, including being a resident of the town (you can rent or own) and being a registered voter on the beach.

You will also be required to fill out a financial form called Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests (Form 6). You should read very closely what that forms requires you to provide. Having to fill out that form is why Bill Veach resigned and the seat is empty. Even if you decide not to run for the seat in November you have to fill out the form.

If you’re interested in the seat keep in mind you cannot just sit at home and watch the meetings on YouTube. You will be expected to attend all Town Council meetings, serve as a liason to a town committee, and perhaps, sit on other committees off island but important to Fort Myers Beach.

If you think you’re up to the task, download the application HERE and e-mail it to Town Clerk Amy Baker at amy@fmbgov.com before January 30th.

The Town Council is hoping to fill the open seat in February. This seat will be on the ballot this November, along with the seats occupied by Mayor Dan Allers and Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt, who are both running for re-election.



  1. I left there after the director of my department wanted me back to work less than a week after losing everything on the island. Good leadership makes or breaks anywhere, like Washington currently our island has corruption with our little local government.

  2. Hopefully they can find someone that doesnt bully the town staff and can fit the cliqué group. Thats what has happened since the day after Ian. Many that worked for BASE, the Pool, or Bay Oaks, saw bodies after the storm, but council didnt think they deserved hazard pay. They’ve also been skimming around labor laws to save money.

    • Oh give me a break. There has been so much pain, devastation, frustration, mental and physical anguish… you name it, it happened. AND We are now on our way out of one of the ‘worst case scenario” storms, but yet we are getting so much done. Little resources, borrowed $ and minimum hands on deck, but yet it’s happening. Unprecedented resilience, fortitude, positivity, volunteerism and comradely. But here we go again… gotta put down and bitch about something. Maybe take the time to complain and put it towards helping get things done.

      • Didnt know we were in communist China. First Amendment is First Amendment, criticizing government officials falls on that. There has been progress, but at the expense of the employees. They have been constantly harassing the employees threatening termination if they dont do what is told, well outside the duties of a normal position that no one signed up for.


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