Why Has Lee County Stopped Collecting Debris?


If you’ve driven, biked or walked down Estero Boulevard you’ve certainly noticed massive piles of debris accumulating on the sidewalks. Lee County owns Estero Boulevard and they are no longer picking up that debris. And nobody knows why.

A representative from Crowder Gulf, the contractor hired to collect the debris, told the Town Council Monday that “we’ve been instructed not to collect any more.” That comment resulted in puzzled looks on the faces of nearly every council member who seemed genuinely surprised that the debris collection has stopped.

At this point it’s unclear if any additional structures along Estero Boulevard that are demolished should be pushed out to the Estero Boulevard right-of-way. Or what will happen to the massive piles of debris that are already on the Boulevard.
The only piece of information we’ve heard as to why the county is leaving the debris on Estero Boulevard is second hand information from the town and that is that Lee County and the State have not been able to agree on how to move forward.

We reached out to Lee County to see why they’ve stopped the collection on Estero Boulevard and we’re waiting to hear back.

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