Why Was The Putt & Pub Really Canceled?


As readers of this newsletter know, the 2021 Putt and Pub Crawl, which raises over $10,000 for community organizations, was canceled when Town Manager Roger Hernstadt denied the Woman’s Club a permit for the event. It was our original understanding the event was canceled due to the town’s 2019 COVID-19 Emergency Declaration.

However, here’s what Hernstadt told the weekly newspaper. “The Woman’s Club put in an application for a large-gathering, special permit which didn’t address how the event would meet CDC guidelines for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and so it was rejected.”

That statement was a complete surprise to many people, including the Woman’s Club, which provided a copy of page 11 of their 28-page application (see below). So at this point it’s unclear exactly why the event, originally scheduled for tomorrow, was canceled.

You can help us help the Woman’s Club and the 10 local organizations the event funded by donating HERE. 


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