Will You Ever Get Mail Again?


That’s been one of the biggest questions from residents lately and the United States Government has no answer for you. Beach residents have had to travel to Jetport Loop to pick up their mail, if it’s even there for them, and have not been able to get any explanation on when mail service might return.

The United States Postal Service had been leasing a facility on Fort Myers Beach. The structure sustained heavy damage in the storm and to date it doesn’t look like any work has been done on the building. The property is owned by a NJ LLC. The latest information in the permit database doesn’t show any submissions from the property owner, not even the required structural and electrical inspections.

In addition to not having a post office many residents on the island do not have mailboxes any longer. They would like to be able to pick up their mail closer to their homes if possible. However, nobody has had any luck getting a straight answer from the Postal Service.

What can you do about this?
Contact the following people until they get tired of hearing from all of you and respond:
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy – louis.dejoy@usps.gov
Congressman Byron Donalds – HERE
Senator Rick Scott, who is on the committee that oversees the Postal Service – HERE



  1. Public service notice: you all have probably figured this out by now, but in case you hadn’t, let me pass along what I learned the hard way. First, your mail is not at one of the post office locations near the island. You’ll need to drive to the airport to get your mail. Next, you better go pick it up regularly. When I went to get my mail, the post office rep said they return mail to sender if not picked up within 10 days.


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