You Have Until 5PM Today to Help The Kids


Beach Talk Radio is helping the Town of Fort Myers Beach collect candy for its October 20th Fright Night for the kids at Bay Oaks. We’ve created an Amazon Wish List that will remain live until Friday at 5PM.


  1. Where are you importing children from. Are we know busing in? Those of us that are here full time know the ruse. There are few kids here per capita that are draining our tax base. What is you enrollment at the school? And how many parents are coming off island to watch the little darlings at the ball field?

    • It would be really amazing if you would share your real name so we know who it is that is going up against our beach children and families. You were absolutely clueless! And I believe you are the same person that always has negative comments! If I were saying such horrible things, I would also use a fake name every time.


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