You Should Have a Full Town Council Monday


When the Fort Myers Beach Town Council meets Monday at 9AM they will vote on who will fill the open seat left when Bill Veach resigned at the end of 2023. 5 residents are interested in the seat, a 6th candidate withdrew his name.

The 5 residents interested in the position are: Lagoon Road resident Ed Schoonover, LPA members Scott Safford and James Boan, Jefferson Street resident Sal Pedone and long-time Bay Oaks and CELCAB committee member Barbara Hill.

Delmar Avenue resident Chad Robey withdrew his application. He told us he didn’t think he’d be able to commit the time to the job if he was appointed.

Schoonover appeared on Beach Talk Radio Saturday, January 20th. Watch that interview HERE.

Safford was a guest on Beach Talk Radio, Saturday, January 27th. Watch that interview HERE.

Hill appeared on Beach Talk Radio Sunday, January 28th following our weekly interview with the Mayor. Watch Hill’s interview HERE.

Boan will be on the show Saturday morning at Margaritaville at 11:30AM.

Pedone will be our guest, Sunday, February 4th at 11:45AM at Wahoo Willie’s, following our interview with the Mayor.

This seat will be on the ballot this November, along with the seats occupied by Mayor Dan Allers and Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt, who are both running for re-election.


  1. I am hoping that Barbara Hill gets the job, because she has frequented and been on the board for the pool and Bay Oaks. Hoping she will get a fire under the butts of the rest of the council to get our pool back. Saying it is too expensive is nonsense. I keep hearing on the news how the state is giving us money for rebuild, so where are those $$ going? Oh yeah, Tourism. Can we please fix the broken parts of our island first so the locals have something to do besides sit in traffic?

  2. Please appoint someone who has an understanding of the importance of tourism to the island. Tourism is the economic engine, the lifeblood of our area. We cannot have any ” pull up the drawbridge” attitudes. The Ft Myers Beach vibe of open air bars and eateries with live music is what brings tourists and visitors here. Council members need to work with, not against, the business community to “keep the vibe”.

    • They are here, Barbara and more are coming day after day. The traffic proves it. So instead of using our tax dollars to pay for more tourism that is already more than efficient here on the island, can we please build back Bay Oaks and the Pool so the locals can enjoy the island they call home.


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