A New Times Square is Getting Closer


On Monday the Fort Myers Beach town council will get an update on all three of its major projects; Times Square, Bay Oaks and Bayside Park. The town is getting a $10 million bank loan to pay for the projects which are expected to be completed over the next several years.

All three projects are still in the design stages and at Monday’s meeting the council will get an update on how the projects are progressing.

Regarding the Times Square project, staff will ask for approval for another $179,550 to complete the design stage with consultant DRMP.  The total design cost for the Times Square project is approximately $368,000.

In addition to leveling out the walkway (which at one time not too long ago was a road), fire, water, and stormwater utilities will be upgraded as part of the installation of the new hardscape. The restaurants in the square will also be provided with new overhang structures as picture in the design photo.

Back in February the town council approved the conceptual design of the Times Square project and gave staff direction to begin the final design, permitting, and bidding services. The scope of that work was broken into two phases to correlate to the Town’s fiscal budgets: 60% design, which was completed and submitted on September 30th and this Final Design, Permitting, and Bidding Services phase that generally includes the furnishing of complete, permitted design plans and specifications for bidding and construction purposes as well as assistance during the bid phase.

If the council approves this latest phase on Monday we could find out the details on when the project might begin and how long it will take to completion.


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