Your Post Office Could be Ready This Week


According to Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt the temporary United States Post Office being set up in the parking lot of the destroyed post office building could be ready to open this week.

Atterholt says the power pole needed to operate the facility will be put up Tuesday and FPL will turn on the power Wednesday. They also need to get Intrnet to the location.

The post office for Fort Myers Beach residents will include two temporary trailers where residents will be able to pick up their mail and send outgoing mail. There will also be mailboxes. Mail service to the island halted when Ian landed on September 29th. Many residential mailboxes were destroyed of lost in the storm.
FedEx, UPS and Amazon have all been delivering packages to Fort Myers Beach residents for several weeks. Beach residents have been driving to Jetport Loop in Fort Myers to pick up their mail, which is nearly 20 miles from the beach.

The contractor working on the trailers told Atterholt, “We have lots of small things to do to make as appealing as possible. We will work to the finish line.”

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