You’re Getting A New Fire House – Here’s When


The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department has released a timeline for the construction of the new state-of-the-art facility it’s constructing on the property it purchased on Estero Boulevard. Here’s the timeline for construction…

If all goes according to plan, the new fire station on the old Topps Supermarket property at 2545 and 2555 Estero Boulevard should be hosting a ribbon-cutting grand opening ceremony in early 2024.

The Fort Myers Beach Fire District purchased the property in early 2019 for $4 million. After a 22-year run, Topps closed in early 2018 when the owners lost their lease. The building was knocked down in April of 2019.

Here’s the timeline for construction of the new facility.


  1. what will happen with the old one at Donora? I undestand the property reverts to the original owner, & not the Town?

  2. No matter what it looks like, I can’t wait for an updated and modern facility that our First Responders will have to keep our residents safe and protected! Thank you to all of them! 😀

  3. I can’t wait because right now it is an eyesore I hope they do a nice design and Landscape plan to beautify the area

  4. Great to hear. It will be a very welcome sight to see from the roadway. The Topps property was so derelict looking. Looks better empty but this will be great addition to the roadway. Estero Blvd keeps looking better.

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