7-11 Could Be Next to Open


Last night on Mondays With The Mayor, Mayor Dan Allers said he spoke with 7-11 corporate and they should be submitting plans to the town to re-open the Santini Plaza location by June 1st.

There are five 7-11 locations on the island and all of them were heavily damaged or totally destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Three we’re torn down and two are still standing. The three that were demolished are across from Lynn Hall Park, next to The Whale and by where the old Junkanoo building was. The two standing are across from the Outrigger and Santini Plaza. All five locations will eventually re-open according to the Mayor’s conversation with the company.

The location by Santini Plaza is still standing while the three other locations were knocked down. The Santini Plaza location will sell gasoline when it does open back up. Once plans are submitted to the town, Allers expects that location to open “fairly quickly.” Residents and visitors must leave the island now to get fueled up. There is a gas station at the base of the Matanzas Pass bridge by Main Street that opened up several weeks ago.

Until this week 7-11 hasn’t really communicated with the town about reopening the four locations on Fort Myers Beach. Mayor Allers says that line of communication is now open and he expects to continue to hear from the 7-11 home office as to the progress of the stores opening back up.

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