Lester Holt Brings Nightly News to Fort Myers Beach


Watch the full episode of Holt’s report HERE.
Check out the Beach School kids perform HERE and HERE.
Tell us what you thought of NBC coming to town HERE.



  1. What about the vacant trailers for the hurricane people still sitting on Piper road in Charlotte County? I sent 8 months of vacant trailers videos to Lester Holt never went to the people who need them and they are still are packing more in every week. Why? I never heard back at least not yet. It’s a political stunt that’s why

  2. I didn’t bother to watch this national reporter. Reporters with our local news affiliates live in the area and many of them suffered the same as we did on the island. They have also been with us constantly, especially Fox 4, during our recovery and certainly have a far greater depth of understanding that those outside our area. A guy who shows up for a day eight months after the storm certainly can’t tell us anything new. If by chance this national attention results in new donations to our community that will be great.

  3. As far as I know, NBC is the only major network to visit the beach after the initial Hurricane Ian aftermath. I am grateful that they generously gave us a national spotlight 8 months after the storm.

  4. Mr. Holt is way too far Left for me. He’s a good reporter but they (NBC) report what they want you to hear, not what is actually the news … Just sayin …


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