Allers Tries to Help Hospitality Workers


It’s no secret that parking is one of the biggest challenges on Fort Myers Beach. And, with the town raising parking fees from $3.00 an hour to $5.00 an hour, it’s going to be even more challenging for hotel and restaurant employees.

Councilman Dan Allers tried to address that problem Monday but it fell on deaf ears.

Many of the hospitality workers on Fort Myers Beach live off the island due to the lack of affordable housing on the beach. Those employees also need to find a place to park just like everyone else.

The town charges for parking on the streets and under the bridge in the Times Square area. Residents of the beach can purchase an annual parking pass for $25.00. Employees who live off the island are not eligible to purchase that pass.

Late last year the town opened up 35 spots at Town Hall for public use on the weekends. Town hall is about a mile from Times Square on Estero Boulevard. On Monday, Councilman Dan Allers suggested the town offer those spots to verified hospitality industry employees for free.

Councilman Bill Veach shot the idea down quickly. “It’s not the town’s job to provide parking for employees of businesses.”

Allers did not receive any other support for his idea and it’s expected those spots will be $5.00 per hour to park like all other town spots.

While the spots have been available to the public since last October, they are getting very little use because nobody really knows they are there to be utilized.


  1. I could not agree more with the Veach comments posted by Seamus and Norman Paperman. Hopefully we can elect someone in November that aligns with the mindset of Dan and Jim and render Veach’s vote meaningless. Once Veach comes up for re-election let’s hope the voters see that he is an arrogant, pompous, self-righteous elitist that’s bad for the Island and dump him to the curb.

  2. We seriously could not have voted in a more pompous, arrogant and ignorant representative than Bill Veach. His attitude towards any progress on the island is abhorrent. Cannot wait for him to be gone from council, or when we get a council (if ever) that will make his voice moot. What a tool. I think the Times Square and other island merchants should refuse to serve him, it’s not like he has any of their interests at heart.

  3. Bill Veach is a total a guy about himself!! Do as I say not what I do. He is a cheap tipper to the service he gets from the hard working people on this beach. So of course charge the people that can’t live on the beach. He should be kicked of the beach as fast as he moved here. Get over your self BILL VEACH.

  4. Since we think so much of being the “Family Island”, we sure don’t think so much of taking care of all of our “family”…like those who cannot afford to live on the island any more, but drive the drive and need at least a place to park. Shame on this Town. Shame Shame Shame

  5. An unincorporated Lee County issue, but it would be wonderful if there was a parking garage on the northwest side of Main and San Carlos Blvd. Right where the derelict buildings and trash strewn garbage is now.

  6. Thank you Dan for at least trying to help our service workers. This is a problem that is going to bite our business owners in the rear, as well as impact services on island. Sorry it fell on deaf ears.

  7. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. “Veach for the Beach” doesn’t give a crap about anyone except other retirees like himself. He doesn’t care about business owners. He doesn’t care about their employees. He only cares about those whose retirement funds, like his, are set. And to hell with everyone else. Island growth? Aww hell no! When are you voters going to get it through your heads? Guess who underwrites your property taxes? Yep! Tourists & business owners.


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